Dharmapuri famous and specialities

Dharmapuri city/town is famous for mango. You can get more than 50 variety of mangoes in the market. Everyone should try out the tasty and spicy roadside foods, especially the food item called Paniyaram is famous here. Dharmapuri District is one of the major producers of mango in the state, fine quality granite is found in the district. It is also one of the main sericulture belts in the state. Around 30 percent of the districts area is under forest cover. Cauvery river enters Tamil Nadu through this district.

Venue of the wedding temples and rituals in Dharmapuri

Theerthagirishwarar was built in the 7th century, with many contributions being made by the Chola and Pandya Kings. Several inscriptions can be found in Theerthagireeswarar Temple. The inscriptions on the temple say that Chola emperors, including Rajendra Cholan, regularly visited this temple. Poet Saint Arunagirinathar referred to Theerthagirieeswarar Temple in his compositions.The famous festivals of the temple are the 10-day Masi Brahmmotsavam.

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Lord Kalabhairava blesses the devotees with triple powers of Sun, Moon and Jwala the fire. It isnoteworthy that the famous king of the region Thagadur Adhiyaman Neduman Anji and other kingslater had worshipped Kalabhairava here. Bhairava means one who frees beings from fear who aresubjected to the changes of time both in earth and heaven.Lord Kala Bhairava is the authority of Time and is one who protects people even beyond its power. He offers asylum to anyone surrendering at his feet. He protects the innocent and punishes the guilty. He helps removing obstacles in [iage proposals and grants child boon. He protects those under the adverse effects of planet Saturn during his 7.5 years period and while on the 8th place in the life of people. He ensures success in litigations, unity among partners in business and profits. He protects devotees from any adverse effects caused by any planet.

What is the tradition and culture of Dharmapuri

While agriculture is the primary source of income in Dharmapuri, with 70% of its population dependent on agriculture and other allied activities for livelihood, horticulture too has become a preferred source of income. The residents of Dharmapuri belong to various religions, and a significant number of them are from the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes as well. The average literacy rate in this district, at approximately 60.9%, is lower than the national average.

temples of Dharmapuri

Shri Theerthagirishwarar Temple - Lord Shiva Temple - Sri Kottai Temple Dharmapuri - sri Mallikarjuneswarar temple - Kottai Perumal Temple - Sengunthar Siva Subramania Swamy Temple - Shri Dasa Anjaneya Swamy Temple - Chenraya Perumal Temple - Shri Angalamman Temple - Shri Sai Baba Temple - Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple - Shri Angalamman Temple - Kalabairavar Temple

Dharmapuri iconic places  

Adhiyamankottai - Dharmapuri Archaeological Museum - Nagavadhi Dam - Thoppayaru Dam - Vathalmalai or Vytla Hills - Hogenakkal Falls - Subramanya Siva Memorial - Crocodile Rehabilitation center

Towns & Panchayat near by Dharmapuri

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