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Mannargudi is known for the Rajagopalaswamy temple, a prominent Vaishnavite shrine. Mannargudi was founded as an agraharam village by the Medieval Cholas during the 11th century.The town is known for agriculture, metal working and weaving. The region around Mannargudi has considerable mineral deposits.

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Rajagopalaswamy temple is a Vaishnavite shrine located in the town of Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu, India. The presiding deity is Rajagopalaswamy, a form of Lord Krishna The temple is called Dakshina Dwarka (Southern Dwarka) along with Guruvayoor by Hindus.The major festivals celebrated in the temple are 18-day Panguni Brahmotsavam. During the second day, the enactment of the famous story of Krishna taking away the dress of bathing females, the females requesting the clothes back and Krishna singing the flute.The festival deity is placed in the pinnai tree, the branches of which are hung with garments and ornaments.

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Shri Amirthanayagi Samedha Naganathaswamy Temple : Mother Amirtha Nayaki shrine is at the right of the first entrance of the temple. Passing through the inner tower entrance, the devotee will have the darshan of presiding lord. There are shrines for Lords Moola Vinayaka, Muruga, Sastha, Kala Bhairav, Sun, Moon, Sani Baghwan, Navagrahas the nine planets, Sage Durvasa, and Mother Gajalakshmi in the prakara.

What is the tradition and culture of Mannargudi

Mannargudi, a Taluk Headquarters in Tanjore District, is a place of religious antiquity and legendary importance. In ancient times, Mannargudi was known by many names namely, Senbagaranyam, Vasudevapuri, Dakshina Dwaraka.This town is known as Koil mattrum Madil Nagaram.It is also known as Raja Mannargudi. The most famous landmark in Mannargudi is the thousand year old Hindu Temple Sri Rajagopala Swami Temple.

Mannargudi temples

Rajagopalaswamy Temple - Shri Amirthanayagi Samedha Naganathaswamy Temple - Hanumar Temple - Shri Ayyanar Kovil - Shri Jayamkonda Nathar Temple - Lord Sakthivel Murugan Temple - Serankulam Perumal Koil - Val Muneeswaran Koil  - Thanga Vinayagar Temple - Sri Ramar Temple - Kailasanathar temple - Haridra Nadhi

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