The Poultry Town of Namakkal

Namakkal is a municipality and headquarters in Kongu Nadu, in TamilNadu state.

What Are the Specialities of Namakkal?

Namakkal term came from Namgiri a single rock structure which is at the middle of the Namakkal city. The town Namkkal has various names like Egg City, Transport City. These names are based on the vast egg production, loom industry, poultries, and truck body-making industry in Namakkal.

The egg production here can fulfill the requirements of almost the whole country.

Famous Temples for Marriage

NavaladiKaruppasamy is a remarkable and influential temple in a small village, Mohanur, close to Namakkal. It is the temple of Sri NavaladiKaruppaswamy, along with the shrine of Goddess Challadi Amman. Girls who want to marry sooner, perform veneration with vermillion for Goddess Challadi Amman.

Namagiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple is the temple of Lord Narsimha. It is a temple of the 8th century where the marriage of Lord Narsimha and Lakshmi took place.

நாமக்கல் திருமண தகவல் மையம்

Beautiful Places to Visit in Namakkal

Namakkal is a city with many history and heritage. There are two notable places for pilgrims, which are Trichengode and Arthanareeswarar temple. The lands and the poultry farms provide beautiful scenery to have a visit for the newlywed bridegrooms.

Some other places are Tiruchengode, Kolli Hills, Namakkal Rock Fort, Masila Falls

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