Sivakasi has much fame for making the best firecrackers

Sivakasi is a municipal of Tamil Nadu state, India. Sivakasi has much fame for making the best firecrackers, matchboxes, and also for printing mills. You can have the best fireworks in Sivakasi.  Different kinds of fireworks, crackers, electric crackers, colorful crackers are produced. 90% of people here are Hindu Tamil community.

Want to Visit the Attractive Places of Sivakasi?

Sivakasi has some beautiful places to visit. Most of the sites are perfect for holy pilgrims.

·         Kullur Sandhai Reservoir

·         Pilavakkal dam

·         ThiruThangal

·         Ayyar falls

·         Muthaliar Oothu

These are some of the attractive sites.

Get Married in Sivakasi

Sivakasi abounded in so many religious institutions. The famous temples of some here are very much suitable for marriage.

·         Andal temple

·         Kasi Viswanathar temple

·         Badrakali Amman temple

·         Parasakthi Mariamman temple

சிவகாசி திருமண தகவல் மையம்

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