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Yes, We will investigate and take the necessary action against the profile

then you will be notified by phone or email on the action taken within 24 hours.

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Mobile number is hidden:

Some our members prefer to share their contact details at a later stage of communication for privacy reasons. Hence they keep their phone number hidden.

You can view His/her parents contact details

You can contact them via personlised Mail/Personlised SMS to take the discussion ahead.

Spot mistrustful profile:

If you find any profile mistrustful we suggest you not to make any communication with them, report us about the profile by clicking on report abuse in your profile page or write to us to [email protected], we examine and take a vital action.

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Violation terms:

The arbitrary validation is generated by Jaymatrimony system where to legalize your profile and to make it more trustworthy. It helps you to increase your profile value.

Generate misuse reports

The Jaymatrimony team will notify you when the action generated via mail/phone.

Blocked member features:

This option helps the user to block any other member of the site if they find them misusing or violating the terms, the blocked members will not be visible to you in future. There is also possibility to unblock the members.

Misuse feature

If the user spot any other profile to be mistrustful they may report them by clicking report misuse under your user home page, the jaymatrimony.com will certainly block the user profile.

Misuse feature

Jaymatrimony is an Tamil marriage site which works based on internet connectivity, there are only few process which you undergo to choose your life partner. The initial stage be understand each other, communicate where we provide a safe and secure Phone/E-mail/sms.

Brides/Grooms information which should be protected at the initial conversation is mobile number, bank details, and other important details. Create a trust between, if you find it fake or mistrustful block or report. Meet the person you choose in common place where you should before know him/her. If you spot the person is money seeking or pretend to misbehave report us via [email protected], we will take necessary action. It is suggested to take your friend or relative with you (same to them) at the first meet. If you find the choice is best proceed further.

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